How To Deal With Your Property Damage In An Automobile Accident

How-To-Deal-With-Your-Property-Damage-In-An-Automobile--AccidentThere are two ways to get your car repaired when it is damaged in an accident. If you were not at fault you can either choose to have your automobile insurance pay to repair the car or pay you for the total loss but then you must pay your deductible.

This assumes you have collision coverage which is not a required coverage in the state of Florida. That is the fastest and easiest way to get it repaired. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive as you do have to pay your deductible and then your insurance company pays the balance. You can pick any body shop or dealership, your choice as long as it is insured and bonded.

There is a second way to have your car repaired. You can request the insurance company for the car that caused the accident to repair it at no expense to you. This is certainly the cheapest and most desirable way to repair your car.

The problem with this choice is it generally takes longer as that insurance company has to do their own investigation and will want to get the police report and probably want to talk to both you and the driver that caused the accident (their insured).

If you are injured in this accident, we will assist you in getting your car repaired by either your company, if you have collision coverage or the at fault party for no charge. We do not charge any attorney fees or costs in getting your car repaired.

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