Who Do I Contact First After A Car Accident?

Things to Do after a car accidentNo one likes to be involved in a car accident. You would have to deal with the damage to other party’s vehicle, the damage to your own car and the insurance company.

If you don’t want to be on the losing end of things, you better get the professional help you need. Putting a delay in calling a lawyer after you’ve been involved in an accident can cause you a lot of trouble more than what you have right now. When asking yourself “who do I contact first after a car accident“, you better have a car accident lawyer saved in your phone so you can call one immediately.

How Long Should I Wait Before Calling A Lawyer?

You need to contact a lawyer after you or a loved one because not doing so immediately can cause you bigger problems. People who are involved in a car accident would normally call their insurance company who will then immediately begin an investigation.

They contact witnesses, get statements, and collect other evidence. If you wait to contact a lawyer, it may compromise your attorney’s ability to conduct an investigation and gather the evidence necessary to prove your case.

You should also know that each state has a different rule regarding the time an injured party is allowed to file a lawsuit which is called the Statute of Limitations. If you fail to file a lawsuit within this time period, your case might end up being dismissed from court.

With all the restraints concerning time period, it is very essential that you call a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Do not think twice about placing that phone call because it can spell the difference between the case being in your favor or having to deal with a bigger mess than your wrecked car.

Hire A Reputable Lawyer Immediately!

In most car accidents, you need to prove which party is negligent and is at fault. During investigation and trial, evidence is needed to prove which party caused the accident.

If you want to have a strong fighting chance of winning your case, you will need the legal assistance of a reputable lawyer. Glotzer & Kobren, P.A. is a law firm that are experts in handling cases related to any type of personal injury claim. Recover the compensation you need and win the case. Call us now!

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