9 Florida Car Accident Facts That Will Shock You

Florida’s “Elite” Car, Motorcycle & Truck Drivers

Florida has a large growing population with a diverse background.  As a result, there are wide variety of drivers who perhaps have their own ‘rules of the road’.  As a result, Florida experienced over 281,000 accidents and more than 2,400 fatalities during 2012 in Florida, the third most in the country.

Motor Vehicle Accident Facts

1. Total Accidents: There was a total of 281,340 motor vehicle accidents in Florida during 2012. That is an average of 770 accidents a day, and involved over 468,000 drivers.

a. There were a total of 198,000 injuries that occurred from about 46% of the accidents
b. 2,225 of the motor vehicle crashes were fatal resulting in 2,430 deaths

2. Top Crash Causes: The top two accident reasons accounted for more than half of the total crashes.

a. Operated the motor vehicle in a reckless or aggressive manner
b. Failed to yield to right of way

3. Alcohol & DUI: More than 17,000 involved alcohol

a. Over 12,000 injuries were reported for the 7,910 of the alcohol related accidents
b. Drunk drivers were responsible for over ⅓ of the total fatalities

4. Top Vehicles Involved: Which type of vehicles caused the most injuries and property damage on Florida roadways.

a. Passenger cars, vans, pickups & SUV’s topped the list with 288,046
b. Heavy trucks / tractor trailers were second and caused 15,488 accidents
c. Buses had the third most accidents with 5,331

5. Time & Day of Accidents: Midnight on Friday nights was responsible for the most accidents and fatalities. It is the worst time and day to be driving.  If you driving during that time, be sure to be extra cautious.

6. Road Conditions: With all the heavy rain Florida gets, it would be safe to assume the majority of car accidents are related to bad weather. In reality, that is not the case. About 84% of total accidents and 88% of fatal crashes occurred when the road surfaces were dry. Bad weather only contributed to an estimated 6.5% of all motor vehicle accidents.

7. Most & Least Accidents by Age Range: The results do not include ages younger than 18 or older than 85.

a. Most Accidents 12,781 & Fatalities 226: Age Range 25-34
Least Accidents 2,192 & Fatalities 49: Age Range 75-84

8. Safety Devices: There were 983 fatalities that involved a driver and or a passenger from a motor vehicle. Nearly half of them did not wear a seat belt or safety restraint.

9. Pedestrians & Bicyclists: Just because you’re not in a car doesn’t mean one can’t hit you in an accident.

a. Pedestrians Involved in Accidents 8,262: Of them 7,042 sustained injuries and 463 were killed.
b. Bicyclists Involved in Accidents 6,249: Of them 5,999 sustained injuries and 114 were killed.

Staying Safe On Florida Roads

There are many factors that may contribute to car accidents, such as weather, traffic, road construction and driver stress. No matter the cause of the accident it is always important to be prepared. Knowing what to do and who to contact after a car accident can help keep you safe and most importantly give you peace of mind.

Get The Help & Resources You Deserve

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