5 Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Injury

With thousands of personal injury attorneys available, how do you decide on which one can represent you best after an injury? Whether your injury is from a car accident or slip and fall, many experienced attorneys can help. However, experience isn’t the only trait that should be looked at while searching for an attorney.

Follow the 5 tips mentioned below to ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney.


As mentioned, one important factor to look for is how long they have been practicing personal injury law. You want someone with experience that knows what they are doing.  They should have the available resources  to handle your case and a strong team in order to go up against the large insurance companies.

A tip when researching the law firm is that you can learn a lot from the their website.  Most law firms post employee bio’s as well as searching for them on Linkedin.  It is also helpful to ask questions when meeting them about past cases.

Legal Fees

If the lawyer’s fee for a personal injury case is anything other than a contingent fee, start searching for someone else. There are no out of pocket costs to the lawyer in a contingent fee arrangement. The personal injury lawyer will handle the case for you, in return for a fixed percentage of the recovery amount.

With this type of arrangement, the lawyer is essentially working on commission. The more money that’s awarded to you, the more money they make. If they fail to recover any compensation for your injury, you will not be required to pay the attorney for the work that was done by them.

No Third Parties

Stay away from contacting a lawyer referral service after an injury. They are not attorneys, they will ask what type of injury you sustained and what your zipcode is so they can refer you a random attorney in your area.

There are plenty of online resources available for you to help find the right attorney. Yelp, Google+, CitySearch, and countless other websites not only provide you with attorneys in your area but will have reviews from past clients, allowing you to make a more informed decision on deciding if that lawyer is right for you.

Treatment & Service

The staff that the lawyer hires says a lot. These are the people that assist the attorney with day to day operations that are vital to the success of your case. They also usually serve as the middleman to your lawyer.

Do they return your phone calls? Do they seem friendly and honest? Those are questions you have to ask yourself. The way your lawyer’s team communicates with you can make all the difference during the process of your case.

Feeling Comfortable

Aside from the tips above, it is also important to feel comfortable working with the attorney. Majority of personal injury cases last more than several months before any resolution. You want to feel comfortable working together, and that you trust the attorney you choose can do the job right.

Get The Help & Resources You Deserve

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