Physical & Emotional Effects of a Brain Injury

Many of us, unfortunately, will be involved in an auto accident at some point in our lives. Auto accidents can be traumatic even when only minor injuries are involved. But when a brain injury is the result of an accident the emotional and physical effects can be devastating.

Physical Effects Resulting from a Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to a variety of physical and cognitive symptoms. Seizures, headaches, and migraines can all result after an auto accident in which the brain has been injured. Double vision, loss of balance, and even a loss of taste or smell can happen as well. These, as well as other physical symptoms, can severely affect an individual’s day to day life, including the ability to work and earn a living.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) traumatic brain injuries are a major cause of disability and death in the United States.

Emotional Difficulties from a Brain Injury

Not only can emotional difficulties result from the stress of dealing with the physical problems of a brain injury, but symptoms directly related to the emotional make-up of an individual can be affected as well.

Organizational problems and spatial disorientation can happen. Difficulty concentrating, keeping up with conversations, and memory loss can all occur after a TBI. Emotional problems following a brain injury can affect not only an individual’s ability to earn a living but their personal relationships as well.

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) reports that psychological or psychiatric counseling, as well as medication, may be helpful for emotional problems resulting from brain injuries.

When to Consult a Personal Injury Attorney 

Most people assume that brain injuries after an accident would be immediately apparent, but this is not always the case. Even if there isn’t an open wound on the skull, serious brain injuries can still occur.

Various internal and cognitive injuries can occur because of a car accident and not outwardly manifest themselves for several days or even much longer. Hospital costs following a brain injury can be enormous, which can be compounded by a person’s inability to work following an accident. There may also be the need for long term rehabilitation that could include physical therapy or work with a speech pathologist.

Working with insurance companies to ensure payment for these services can become complicated and may require the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.

If you or a loved one has suffered from brain injuries that were a result of a car accident, a medical evaluation is crucial in determining the extent of the injuries even if they didn’t appear that serious at the time of the accident.

Since the neurological system is complex no two brain injury cases will be the same. Seeking the advice of a lawyer is also important when determining what your legal rights are in your specific case and making sure the best care following the accident is received.

Speak to a Boca Raton Brain Injury Attorney

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