Top Records Needed for a Car Accident Case

After an accident, the success of your insurance claim or personal injury suit will depend on your records. While your statements can start the claims process, it is the records that will ultimately determine how much of a settlement you receive, and whether or not your claim is successful in the first place.

Records for Car Accident Case

What Records Do You Need to File a Claim?

1. Police Report – Your best level of defense is a police or incident report. These reports are conducted on the scene and contain detailed information from the officers who responded to the accident. The report may also list details such as who was at fault, which could help prove negligence on the other driver, if determined.

2. Medical Records – Even if you only examined for precautionary reasons, those initial medical reports play a critical role in determining your injuries in the accident. Also, you may need additional medical records, such as emergency room records, EMS services, pharmacy prescription records, physical therapy records, treatment from your primary care physician, etc.

3. Proof of Income or Lack of Income – To claim you have lost wages, you must first prove your earned income prior to the accident. The best way to prove this is by tax returns or W-2 statements. Then you can prove your current, post-accident income. These income damages can help determine the amount of a settlement to which you may be entitled.

4. Vehicle Damage – If your vehicle was damaged, then your personal injury lawyer may ask for proof of the damage as well as the proof of your vehicle’s value. This can help determine supplement damages if your own insurance company will not fully reimburse you for the cost of the vehicle.

5. Your Personal Diary – Your personal account of the accident is important. While you will need evidence proving your story, your story matters. Write down what you remember hearing, seeing or even smelling. Write down the road conditions, anything the other driver said, and witnesses at the scene.

Injured in an Accident? You Need a Car Accident Attorney

Proving a car accident case and injury requires a lot of investigative work and knowing what evidence will prove your case. An experienced car accident attorney can provide you with the guidance for collecting evidence and even assist you with your claim.

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