What Happens in a “He Said, She Said” Car Accident Lawsuit

It isn’t uncommon for car accident cases to become one person’s word against another. Everyone has his or her own account of how the accident happened, what was said, etc.

Car Accident Lawsuit

But when it comes down to these types of cases, how do you prove who was really at fault? Sometimes a lawsuit comes down to a “he said, she said” situation.

This means it is your word against the other party’s.These types of cases are common; therefore, car accident attorneys are trained to handle them. A Boca Raton car accident attorney can:

  • Examine the credibility of each driver;
  • Review witnesses’ statements;
  • Review the physical evidence;
  • Read over the police report.

Credibility of the Drivers

If the driver says it was your fault, but they aren’t credible, then the courts may favor your account of events.

Some ways your attorney may work to prove the other party is not credible include:

  • Proving inconsistency in the other person’s testimony
  • Proving the other person has a criminal record
  • Proving how the other person’s version of the events aren’t plausible
  • Proving dishonestly in the other person’s testimony
  • Examining the other party’s demeanor or attitude toward the accident case

Witness Accounts

Witnesses can help squash any “he said, she said” arguments. A witness statement is a third party and often a neutral one.

Because this person doesn’t have anything to lose or gain from the lawsuit, what they say may help prove your word against the other driver.

Examining the Physical Evidence

Sometimes it just comes down to the physical evidence. Physical evidence is real and not based on a person’s testimony, which is the most credible type of evidence available.

Physical evidence can include photographs, police reports, video surveillance, etc. All of these things can help prove your statements.

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The Police Report

The police report will have witness statements, but also findings of the police officers. This report may help prove your case when it comes to determining fault or proving the conditions of the road at the time of the accident.

The police officers have nothing to gain by proving your case or the other party’s case; therefore, their report is more credible than even a witness statement.

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