5 Reasons Diving Boards Have Gone Out of Style

Looking back even only 10 years ago, there were many more accidents related to diving boards. Today there are less incidents, most of which are attributed to safety. Diving boards have dropped in popularity and are not seen as a value-adding update to a home. When a potential buyer looks at a home, a diving board is just seen as a feature but rarely is on a buyer’s ‘must have’ list.

Diving Board Accidents

So why have diving boards gone out of style? Five reasons which may have contributed to the downturn of the diving board include:

Safety: Many accidents were caused by diving in pools that are too shallow. They are entertaining for qualified swimmers but when you have children at your house or invite friends over, stress levels get elevated for people with swimming pools. Even with years of swimming training, divers can easily miscalculate the depth of a pool and scrape themselves, break a bone, and even break their neck or back. Even doing a cannonball off of a diving board is dangerous!

Play Area: The majority of time in an in-ground pool is spent while people are in water they can stand in. It is estimated that 80% of the time a person spends in a pool during recreation is spent in the ‘play areas’ of the pool. Pools with diving boards must be deeper and this limits the amount of shallow water a pool can have which limits the most useable space in a pool. A deeper deep end means less outdoor games, swimming in closer quarters, and does not make the best use of space for homeowners.

Insurance Costs: Because of the injury and safety liability associated with having a diving board on your swimming pool, homeowners insurance sees a dramatic increase when a pool has a board. This is just a fact of the insurance industry but should be considered as it easily costs hundreds of dollars per year.

Not enough space for a long pool. In order to have a pool for diving, it needs to be a long enough body of water for a complete dive. Because of the cost of land, Floridians are creative with the way they design their pools. For some people, there just is not any space for a pool to be long enough for a diving board.

Less Spring: A diving board in the past used to have more bounce. Now because of injury, lawsuits, and manufacturing costs, diving boards are made from more sturdy materials with less spring.

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