8 Steps to Take After an Accident

Everyone will experience at least one car accident in their lifetime. Whether it is a minor fender bender or a serious collision, being prepared for an accident is key.

While there are a lot of steps out there that you should take, it is easy to forget them in the heat of the moment. These eight practical steps can ensure you stay safe on the accident scene and also can protect you from any false claims filed against you—especially if you didn’t cause the accident.

what to do after an accident

8 Steps to Take Post-Accident

These steps are critical and can help you with your accident claim, but also ensure that you are not further injured while at the accident site.

  1. Get HelpRight after the accident, contact the authorities to report the accident. Not all police departments will respond to accidents if there are no injuries. But, you still need to report it. The dispatcher will let you know if you need to exchange information or if the police will be sending an officer. If there are serious injuries, call 911 immediately or find someone to call 911.
  2. Find Safety If you can move and if you injuries aren’t too severe, then exit the vehicle and get to the side of the road. A vehicle in the middle of the road or in heavy traffic is a sitting target for more accidents. By getting off the road you can lessen the chances your car will be struck by oncoming traffic.
  3. Exchange Information Exchange information with the other driver and/or parties. Get the other driver’s insurance card, driver’s license number, etc. If you have a phone, take pictures of the driver’s insurance card, his or her vehicle, and any associated damage, and people in the car with them.
  4. Never Admit Anything Even if you are partially at-fault for the accident, never admit to anything at the scene. If you even say you are “sorry” you could be considered liable for the accident. If you can, avoid talking altogether and instead only speak to the other driver regarding facts. You can ask if they are okay, but keep conversations brief.
  5. Take Notes Write down everything at the scene while waiting for police so that it is easier to remember later.
  6. Locate Witnesses Once you find out the witnesses, get their contact information so that an attorney can reach them and take their statement later.
  7. See a Doctor A physician could help you diagnose any injuries before they become too painful or debilitating.
  8. Contact a Car Accident Attorney An attorney can assist you with your PIP insurance claim as well as filing a claim against the driver for their negligence. PIP insurance is rarely enough for a person’s loses after a serious injury and an attorney can assist you with your claim.

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