[Infographic] Pedestrian Accidents Highest Among Elderly

There are more vehicles and traffic on the road today than ever before. And in high tourist or heavily traveled areas, the volume of traffic can be even higher…as well as the risks.

What most people don’t realize is that pedestrian accidents occur each day. And depending on where you live, the risks for pedestrian accidents are even higher. For example, let’s look at the state of Florida. As you will see here, the four most dangerous places in Florida for pedestrians are Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, and Jacksonville.

But why?

Florida is a poplar state. It is known for its popular tourist attractions (including Disney), beaches, and beautiful weather. As a result, more and more people take their chances walking around, especially when taking in the Floridian sights, which unfortunately, results in more accidents. In fact, there were over 76,000 pedestrians injured in Florida in 2012 alone…

But did you also know that out of those 76,000 pedestrians that were harmed in an accident, the vast majority of the victims were elderly? In fact, one in five pedestrian accidents involve an elderly person!

Furthermore, pedestrians aged sixty-five years and older make up approximately 20 percent of pedestrian fatalities…

Yes, these numbers are shocking to most…but what is the reason behind these fatalities? Reasons could range from the high elderly population in the state of Florida—since Florida is a popular retirement destination, failing health issues—such as hearing and sight abilities, and even the simple fact that when the elderly were younger, there weren’t as many vehicles on the road as there are today.

Finally, if you are visiting Florida and you are walking around, be sure to stay safe…especially if you are traveling with an elderly person. And if you or a loved one are harmed in a pedestrian accident, be sure to call on the legal advice and representation of a Boca Raton pedestrian accident attorney.

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