[Infographic] A Quick Guide to Truck Accidents in Florida

Truck accidents are a common problem in Florida. In fact, a person is injured or killed in an accident involving a tractor-trailer accident every sixteen minutes in the United States. But what is the reason for these shocking facts?

The NHTSA defines large trucks as those carrying of at least 10,000 pounds. These trucks are often carrying food, materials, and other goods. Tractor-trailer trucks are also referred to as semi-trucks and/or 18-wheelers.

Unfortunately, the high rate of truck accidents typically involves passenger vehicles. And due to the heavy loads and immense size and power of a semi-truck, accidents involve a semi-truck and passenger vehicle are usually severe and even fatal. In fact, approximately 3,700 passenger vehicle drivers are killed each year in accidents involving commercial trucks. Additionally, 73 percent of passengers injured in truck accidents were driving passenger vehicles in 2012.

So what is the reason for the high number of truck accidents? Studies show that the most common cause of truck accidents is driver fatigue. This is often because truck drivers are under strict deadlines to deliver loads to their destinations. As a result, many truck drivers end up driving for hours at a time, without adequate rest. But many companies are cracking down on this and making rest times mandatory for each truck driver.

Unfortunately, for those victims who are involved in truck accidents, the results are often devastating—ranging from long-term medical care, high medical expenses and bills, and even injuries severe enough to take time out of work, impacting financial obligations.

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