How Long Does a Car Accident Injury Case Take?

After being involved in a car accident and called in a claim to the insurance company, one is likely to wonder when exactly the case will be settled. It is normal for someone to be in some sort of a limbo as he waits for the settlement to happen.

For instance, an individual might have suffered significant medical expenses and doesn’t have the necessary funds to pay for them. It is also likely that the injured individual might not be able to return to work, leaving him or her in a compromising financial situation.

How Long Does a Car Accident Injury Case Take?

Below are factors that can determine how long your case injury case will take.

General Timing of Settlements: It just take a couple of months to settle claims that are solid on the question of liability. This is particularly true if the claim includes medical damages that are objectively and clearly established.

However, there are certain claims that might take several years before being settled and may need the commencement of a lawsuit before there is any forward traction in the case. In addition, there are particular cases that do not settle at all.

Severity and Nature of Injuries: The level of damages requested in the claim is one of the most argumentative matters involved in an auto accident case.

If the extent of damages caused is fairly low, then the insurance company involved may decide to speedily dispose of the case and one may have the case settled in a few months.

But if the insurance company has a different thought about whether the medical bills accurately validate the injury, then it may be reluctant to settle the claim without carrying out further investigation, which can indeed delay the settlement time.

For instance, insurance adjusters may be doubtful of claims founded on soft tissue injuries and that are mainly supported by chiropractor reports.

Factors Relevant to the Accident: Certain situations that are specific to the accident may affect the general timing of a possible settlement offer. For instance, liability may not be very clear because of the details of the parties involved or the accident.

A car might have suddenly stopped because of a vehicle veering in front of it, making a third party to smash into the back of the stationary car.

In some cases, a governmental entity may be blamed for a malfunctioning traffic light or lack of a proper sign.

But in other situations, injuries may have been as a result of the victims actions. When liability is questionable, a claims adjuster might take more time to carefully investigate it or deny the claim.

Another scenario is when the case is not properly documented. In this case, the claims adjuster may not have enough information to settle the case, such as a police report concerning the accident, medical reports concerning the injuries suffered by the victim or even evidence pertaining to liability.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer May Not be willing to settle: Whilst most personal injury lawyers settle the majority of cases without necessarily going to trial, there may be particular reasons why your lawyer may not be willing to settle yet and has in fact not raised the issue with the insurance company involved.

A good example is when you are still undergoing medical treatment, your lawyer might want to wait until all of your medical bills are in and until it is clear whether you will need continuous medical treatment.

Apart from that, your lawyer may also want to wait and see if the injuries you incurred will affect your career so that he or she can request supplementary damages for this reason.

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