What You Should Do Immediately After a Car Accident in Florida

Being involved in a car accident can be confusing, scary, and just plain nerve-wracking. If this is your first accident, you also may not know what to do if an accident happens to you.

Florida has several state laws that spell out what you are required to do, but there are also some “best practices” that you should consider as well.

what to do after a car accident

Get Medical Attention

The first thing that you should always do is be sure that everyone involved in the accident is okay. Check to be sure that other drivers and passengers aren’t injured. If there are injuries, even if they seem slight, call for emergency assistance.

Move the Vehicles Out of Harm’s Way

If possible, move the vehicles to the side of the road away from traffic. This is not only done as a curtesy to other drivers, it is also for safety. It helps prevent further crashes or injuries from oncoming traffic.

Regardless of who is at fault, everyone should stay at the scene until you exchange information or are released by law enforcement.

Reporting Accidents

An accident does not actually need to be reported if it was investigated by a police officer. However, if a police officer did not visit the scene, then the driver will have to report it within 15 days of the accident.

They should also include a statement about the accident, including whether anyone was injured or killed and if there were any damages over $1,000.

We recommend involving a police officer for most accidents so there is an accurate record of what occurred.

Exchanging Information

You should exchange information with the other driver involved, if possible. Exchange insurance information, driver’s license information, and contact information.

If possible, you should also try to obtain the names and contact information of anyone who may have witnessed the accident.

Gathering Evidence

Take photographs of the vehicles involved, injuries, and surrounding road conditions. If a traffic signal or sign was involved, then take a photo of that too. Err on the side of taking too many pictures; they can be very helpful in presenting your case for settlement or to a court.

It may also be helpful to write down anything you remember about the accident as soon as you can. You will be surprised how fast you forget important details about the accident.

Keep track of any medical care that you receive—tests, appointments, doctor’s information, and so on. You should also record any time that you had to take off work because of your injuries.

Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury lawyer in Florida can help you decide what evidence you will need for your case. Experienced Florida accident attorneys like those at Glotzer Law can also help you determine how to best present your case for a favorable settlement or court verdict.

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