How These Every Day Environmental Factors Can Cause a Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day and for a number of reasons. Car accidents are commonly caused by driver error. However, a number of external and environmental factors can also be to blame.

For example, according to the Palm Beach County Traffic report for the week of October 5th through October 9th, there will be a number of construction and maintenance projects taking place that will involve shutting down major routes and highways, such as portions of I-95.

Additionally according to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), closures and detours surrounding all construction and maintenance activities will be weather permitting.

Speaking of “weather permitting”, recently Florida has seen a great deal of rain and even flooding in some areas due to Hurricane Joaquin that swept the East coast at the end of last week into early this week. As a result, these slippery and treacherous roadways have been factors in numerous car accidents over the last week.

In fact, hazardous weather conditions and construction and maintenance activities are among the top causes for vehicle accidents. In speaking of just construction and maintenance activities, drivers are more concerned with the activities going on around them than paying attention to the road, often resulting in an accident.

Additionally, drivers who aren’t familiar with the area and are re-routed or detoured down another avenue often become confused and make silly mistakes that result in accidents.

While one might not think of it, weather conditions and other obstructions, such as road construction work and other maintenance activities can often result in car accidents. Now, consider these environmental factors coupled with a case of distracted driving—such as talking or texting—and now you’ve really got a fatal accident.

It is unfortunate that we hear about and see so many car accidents each day, especially being so close to one of the busiest highways in the nation, but it is even more unfortunate that these accidents can easily be prevented.

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