5 of the Most Dangerous Car Accident Injuries

According to the Census Bureau, it is estimated that there are over 8 million motor vehicle accidents on an annual basis—with over 10 million per year between the years of 1990 and 2009. That is a lot of people being hurt or injured due to unfortunate accidents that possibly could have been avoided.

Car Accident InjuriesCar accidents mean vehicle damage and an array of personal injuries. There are minor fender benders that cause no injuries. At the same time, there are also cars that end up totaled and drivers or passengers with permanent and disabling injuries.

But, despite this range of damage and injuries, there are some injuries that seem to be more prevalent than others. Here is a list of the five most dangerous car accident injuries.

1. Whiplash: Whiplash is one of the most common injuries in a motor vehicle accident. But what exactly is it? Whiplash is a neck injury sustained from a strain to neck muscles when the head is jerked severely.

While whiplash normally isn’t a very serious injury, the symptoms can last for several days, and medical treatment is definitely recommended.

2. Back Injuries: An injury to the back is another common injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident. They can range in severity from a sprain to your back to a herniated disk or fractured vertebrae — either of which can require long-term medical treatment or chiropractic care.

Back injuries can mean a number of painful sensations—and even limited mobility for some. Never ignore a back injury, as they can easily become a chronic issue.

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3. Contusions: Contusions are often nasty bruises. The severity of the car accident will most certainly dictate the seriousness of any bruises or contusions you see. Sometimes contusions can take up to 24 hours after an accident for them to appear. You may have areas that feel sore or tender to the touch initially, and then they darken and appear slightly swollen or bruised.

4. Facial Injuries: The sheer violent force of a car accident will result in your head or face area being bumped or banged into something within the vehicle. It could be the window, the steering wheel, or even the dashboard.

The facial area is full of delicate spots and tissues that are easily prone to trauma. So while you may not think that you hit your face that hard during the accident, you could very well end up with a broken nose, a gash in your lip, or broken bones in your cheeks or jaw.

Facial injuries are the most concerning to those who sustain any type of trauma during a car accident. This is usually due to the high level of visibility of facial injuries. Luckily, while these may be the most visible, they are also the easiest to treat and heal with ample time and proper medical care.

5. Psychological Injuries: People tend to overlook the psychological trauma that can occur from a motor vehicle accident. Accidents that may not result in much physical damage to you or your car can still cause you to feel stressed, tense, anxious, or overwhelmed — especially when faced with the prospect of getting behind the wheel again.

Discuss an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Always discuss any overwhelming feelings or emotions with a trained professional. There is support out there for you, and it can be more detrimental to your overall recovery from a traumatic car accident to allow your negative emotions to control you or your behavior moving forward.

If you happen to find yourself the victim of an unfortunate car accident, it is fundamental that you seek medical treatment for your injuries. Depending on the nature of the accident, you may also find yourself in need of legal representation.

Allow yourself the time to heal from this experience. Even seemingly minor traffic accidents can have a lasting impact on how you view getting behind the wheel of your car.

Sometimes they cannot be avoided despite your best and safest driving practices. But always being aware of your surrounding, and paying attention to your own driving, will lessen the likelihood that you suffer from one of these common injuries.

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