Hit the Road! Bike Helmet Safety for Kids

With all of the interest in becoming healthier and giving children a positive outlet to burn energy, bicycling is a popular activity—especially in the state of Florida where the weather and climate is warm and enjoyable. Bicycling offers freedom, fun, as well as exercise. It’s also great for the environment.

Bike Helmet SafetyWith more kids and families interested in biking than ever before, it’s important to understand how wearing a bike helmet contributes to preventing serious injuries in the event of an accident.

Bike Safety Facts

Did you know that more children between the ages of 5 and 14 are seen in emergency rooms for injuries caused by biking than any other sport?

Despite this, there is good news in the fact that wearing a bicycle helmet can help to prevent many of these serious injuries.

The Value of Helmets

A helmet can actually reduce the risk of a serious brain injury by up to 88%, even though less than half of all children participating in biking ever wear a helmet. It simply makes good sense to wear a bicycle helmet because it prevents an accident that happens anytime while the rider is on the bike.

Since a head injury can be one of the most severe and problematic for young children, it is critical that a child wear a bike helmet that fits properly every time he/she is participating in this sport.

Tips for Positive Pedaling

Here are some positive safety tips for parents to reinforce with their children and to help them stay safe on the road.

  • Give Us a Sign. Teach your child to drive on the right side of the road and to signal to others when he/she plans to turn is a good way to help prevent collisions or other accidents.
  • Signal Safety. Teach your child that respecting traffic signals is just as important when you are on a bike.
  • Reflect on This! Make sure that there are reflective lights on the bicycle or on clothing worn by your child anytime that they will be using a bicycle at dusk or at night.
  • The Perfect Fit. Check every few months to ensure that the bike helmet fits properly on your child’s head. A poorly fitting helmet does not safely protect the child from serious injuries to the head.
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All…Make sure that the chin strap is appropriately fitted and that you retire an old bike helmet when it no longer fits. Recognize when it’s time for something new.Also Read : What to Do if You’re in a Bicycle Accident

Hit the Road!

Having your child wear a bicycle helmet on a regular basis could be critical to protecting them from a dangerous head injury.

Use this opportunity to model good behavior for your children anytime you are hitting the road with them.

Bicycle Accident Attorney in Boca Raton

No matter how safe you can be while riding your bicycle or how much you try to protect your children from bicycle-related accidents and injuries, accidents can still happen.

Contact a bicycle accident attorney in Boca Raton for more legal advice.

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