Easy Ways to Avoid a DUI in Florida

How many parties do you attend each year that involve alcohol? Probably more than a dozen—especially during vacations, long weekends, and the holiday season.

You work hard all week, you want to enjoy yourself and have a good time…and why not have a couple of beers. What harm could it do, right? But all too common, those “couple of harmless beers” end up turning into a dangerous, life-changing accident…


This doesn’t have to happen to you. There are a number of ways to easily avoid a DUI or horrible car accident, starting with a number of alcohol-free alternatives:

  • The Party Punch Without the Alcoholic Punch : Parties are not parties without a big bowl of punch to go around. Instead of using champagne in the punch, try using sparkling ciders and juices to give it that fizzy finish and fruity taste, but without the alcohol content.Another option is creating a punch that uses black tea as the base and ginger ale for the fizz; it’s refreshing and will actually keep guests awake so that they can handle the drive home.
  • Make Mulled Cider : Mulled cider is a popular drink around the holidays, but it doesn’t have to be alcoholic. You can combine the right apple ciders, mixes of spices, and more to create the same flavor but without the alcoholic punch.
  • Make It Virgin : There are plenty of mixed drinks out there that taste great as virgin mixes. For example, a non-alcoholic Pina colada or a non-alcoholic margarita.They still have the flavor, but no alcohol content—so you can safely enjoy and drive at the same time.
  • Stick to Non-Alcoholic Beers : There are non-alcoholic beers out there that have the flavor of beer without the alcohol. Take your own to the party you are attending so that you can still fit in and drink with the crowds, but without drinking.

How to Avoid a DUI…

The state of Florida is cracking down on DUIs. Law enforcement is even on the lookout for vehicles that even resemble drunken driving—and you could quickly be pulled over even if you are not breaking the law.

If you are at a party and must have a drink, there are still a few things you should do to ensure you do not get handed a DUI.

  • Have a designated driver : It is a simple concept and one of the best. If you want to attend a party and drink, find someone that will not drink and can drive for you. This designated driver can be a friend, spouse or even coworker. Just make sure it is someone that you can trust to not drink.
  • Have overnight plans set in place : If you cannot secure a designated driver and you know that you will be drinking, have overnight plans to stay at a friend’s house or even the party host’s house so that you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving later that night.
  • Call a cab : You can always drive yourself to the event and then have a cab or ride-sharing service take you home afterwards. Then, have someone take you back to your car the next morning when you are sober and safe enough to drive.
  • Be responsible : If you absolutely must drive and you will drink, stick to one drink. Drink lots of water in between and eat food so that the alcohol does not impact you quite as much. Most importantly, know your limits. If you know you can only have one drink, then have one drink and no more.

Staying away from a DUI is one of the smartest decisions you might make in your life. It’s easy to avoid by just playing it smart.

If you are worried about going out to dinner or going to a party and being the only one not drinking, think again. Many people make the choice not to drink for various reasons. You can, too.

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