Facts of Swimming Pool Accidents

Boca Raton Personal Injury AttorneyWinter in Florida is almost over, and as spring and summer take over, and as many children excitedly await for spring break vacation this week and next, many families will begin spending more time by the pool.

Floridians are lucky enough to swim pretty much all year round—aside from the few days and weeks out of the winter that drop into the 50s and even down to the 30s, depending on the location in Florida, of course.

However, while the warmer weather months begin to set in, and many children and families spend even more time by the pool, unfortunately, the number of accidents also increases…

The Scary Truth

According to the CDC, children are among the top three most at risks for unintentional or accidental drowning in swimming pools. And among children, it’s the 1 to 4-year age group that is at the highest risk. And, most of these drowning incidents happen right in the backyard—literally—in your very own swimming pool.

Even scarier is the fact that drowning is the second most common cause of death to children due to an unintentional accident behind motor vehicle accidents.

The Causes of a Swimming Pool Accident

Parents are likely reading this in fear for protecting and guarding their children against drowning over spring and summer vacation. Keeping your children safe begins with understanding why and how a swimming pool accident and drowning happens, and what to watch out for…

No Swimming Skills – Many children dive into swimming with little to no experience training or education. Swimming is one of those activities that we must learn to do, but once we learn, we never forget—much like riding a bike. It’s important to take swimming training, education, and skill building seriously as it could easily prevent a deadly drowning or swimming pool accident.

Forgoing the Fence – A lack of barriers or fencing around a swimming pool can mean eager and curious children to play poolside without supervision, which is just a recipe for disaster. In fact, the right type of fencing will decrease a child’s risk of drowning by 83 percent.

No Swimming Supervision – For older children who have been swimming for years and even have swim lessons under their belts are still at risk for drowning—just not as high as younger children, of course. But this doesn’t mean that older children don’t require supervision. Sometimes even innocent horseplay in the water can lead to an accident…

Forgetting the Floaties – Younger children may know how to swim, but need a little extra help with “floaties” or even a life jacket. However, sometimes children are allowed to jump into the pool without floaties—“just this once”. However, this one time is all it takes for a swimming pool accident to occur. Never forget the floaties…

Pool Protection

Swimming pool accidents and injuries are a huge cause for concern—and continue to be an issue every spring and summer in Florida. However, by learning the top causes of swimming pool accidents and injuries, you can help protect your children against a fatal accident.

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Why You Should Turn to a Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney

However, even in the safest of situations, an accident can still happen. If your child was injured or drowned in a swimming pool accident on another’s property, then you might have a case. Learn more about the legal repercussions of swimming pool accidents with a Boca Raton personal injury attorney.

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