5 Safety Tips for Driving with Your Pet

Florida is fortunate to enjoy pleasant weather pretty much year round, and humans aren’t the only ones who are grateful for the sunny skies and warm temperatures.

Pet Ownership Statistics

With 36 percent of American households owning at least one dog, it’s not uncommon to see a four-legged family member hitching a ride in the family car.

If you drive with your pet, however, it is important to do so safely. Although many pet owners don’t think twice about taking a dog or a cat along for a ride, Boca Raton car accident and personal injury lawyers have seen what can happen when a pet is involved in a car accident. In some cases, a pet can be a distraction that actually causes a car accident.

Driving Safely with Your Dog (or Cat)

Safety Tips for DrivingWhether you are taking your dog or cat to the vet, making a quick trip to the park for a game of fetch, or heading out on a family road trip with your furry companion, there are several things you can do to make sure your pet – and you – are safe on the road.

The American Humane Association recommends taking the following precautions any time you ride with a pet in the car.

1. Ease into trips – Some animals experience anxiety when they ride in the car, and many animals owners will swear their dog or cat has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing a veterinarian visit is in the works. Also, you might want to visit this guide to flying with pets Click here

To combat this anxiety, take your pet on shorter trips before embarking on a lengthy car ride. This is especially helpful if you are planning a long road trip over several days.

2. Never leave your pet in the car alone – Animals are just as sensitive to the weather as we are. Soaring summer temperatures can quickly cause injury or even death when a pet is left inside a hot vehicle.

In fact, the temperature inside your car can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes; temperatures on the inside can also be up to 40 degrees higher than temps on the outside. This means the inside of your vehicle can be a stifling 110 degrees, even on a 70-degree day.

3. Don’t drive with your pet on your lap – It might look cute, but it is incredibly dangerous. If your airbag deploys while your pet is on your lap, it can cause severe injuries to both you and your animal.

4. Hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times – It’s a rule on every roller coaster and ride on the planet, and it should be a rule in your vehicle.

Your dog may love sticking his tongue out while cool breezes race past your open window, but this is a hazard, as debris can strike a pet’s eyes and face. It is also a distraction that can take your eyes and the eyes of passing motorists off the road.

5. Never transport a pet in the bed of a pickup truck – An estimated 100,000 dogs die each year riding in truck beds. Also avoid leashing a dog in a parked truck bed, as it poses a strangulation hazard.

Check out this site here to read more safety tips for driving with your pet.

Call a Team of Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyers for Help After an Accident

Driving with a pet may seem harmless, but it also a potential distraction. If you find yourself glancing back often to make sure your dog or cat is okay, it is probably best to leave man’s best friend at home. You can also try crating your pet any time you need to drive.

If you were involved in an accident caused by a driver with his or her pet, then you will likely need legal advice and representation in your accident with a team of Boca Raton car accident lawyers.

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