8 Signs You Need Help from a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Florida Personal Injury AttorneyIt is definitely possible to assert a personal injury case on your own, but your likelihood of success is significantly lower.

Additionally, there are some specific situations where the law or circumstances are so complicated that having a Florida personal injury attorney is an absolute must.

Read on to learn about the eight signs that tell you, you need a Florida personal injury attorney.

1. You are likely to suffer long term injuries

In situations that result in long term injuries, having compensation for future medical care is extremely important. This type of situation can also affect your future ability to earn a living.

These situations involve complicated damage calculations and compensation categories that may not occur to you. Most people think short term, but realistically, you need to take the bigger picture into consideration.

A Florida personal injury lawyer can help you tally up everything to help you get the compensation you need to secure your long-term care needs and your future.

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2. Your injuries are very severe

Severe injuries often result in extremely high hospital bills. This factor alone is often a significant motivator for victims to hire a Florida personal injury attorney.

Having an attorney increases your likelihood of success, which means you can pay your large medical bills.

3. The insurance company is refusing to pay

When your insurance company alleges that you are not covered or you have not met a certain qualification for payment, it is definitely time to call a Florida personal injury lawyer.

The insurance company has much more experience and knowledge than the average victim, and fighting back alone can be disastrous.

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4. There were several parties involved or fault is not clear

Some personal injury cases are very simple because it’s clear who is at fault immediately, such as in a rear-end car accident. Many accidents, however, are not as cut-and-dry.

If your case involves more than one defendant or if you are unsure who was at fault, contact a personal injury attorney, because things are about to get complicated.

5. Your defendant is a business or an insurance company

Chances are that if your defendant is a business or an insurance company, they have a lot more legal experience than you do.

The only way to keep them from taking advantage of your lack of knowledge is to get an attorney—he or she can assert your rights for you, even when it seems like the business or insurance company just isn’t listening.

6. Your injury is the result of a truck accident

There are special rules and regulations that apply to solely truck drivers or trucking companies. If they violate these rules and cause an accident, finding liability may be fairly straightforward.

However, you need to know these rules before you can take advantage of that type of information. That is where a personal injury lawyer comes in handy.

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7. You are struggling to gather evidence on your own

If you have started your personal injury case and are having trouble getting companies, employers, hospitals, etc. to give you information, then a personal injury attorney Florida can be a good ally.

Although it is unfortunate, businesses and other parties sometimes pay more attention when a lawyer asks for information compared to a victim.

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8. You don’t know what to do next

After an accident, you may be confused and overwhelmed. It is easy to feel helpless in these situations. A Florida personal injury attorney can point you in the right direction and get your case moving.

A Florida Personal Injury Attorney is Your Accident Ally

Even if you think you can handle a car accident on your own, having a Florida personal injury attorney who knows the ropes of the Florida legal and justice system, and who has years of experience managing the claims process is your best option to ensure the success of your claim.

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