New Research Study Shows That 1 in 5 Nursing Home Residents Has Been Abused, But by an Unlikely Source

In recent years, nursing home abuse has picked up speed as far as coverage in the media, since more than 5 million elderly individuals are subject to some type of abuse and neglect every single year. This abuse can run the gamut from verbal assault all the way to physical and sexual assault.

Nursing Home Resident

What to Do If Your Loved One Shares Abuse Details

Whether your loved one shares with you that he or she is suffering or whether you pick up on these cues on your own, you must take action.

If you cannot count on the nursing home to care about your loved one’s needs, who will? You need to consult with a Florida nursing home abuse attorney about your options.

The lawyer may recommend that you speak to the facility staff about what’s happening, but this may just cause the staff to be defensive about their actions.

If that happens, filing a nursing home abuse claim may be your next and only option. A claim could hold the staff responsible for their abusive or neglectful behavior and remove your loved one from a dangerous environment.

As someone outside the facility, you may be your family member’s most powerful advocate for fair treatment.

Discovering that your loved one has suffered at the hands of nursing home staff can be devastating, but you might be surprised to learn that 1 in 5 nursing home residents has suffered some kind of abuse at the hands of a fellow resident.

Nursing Home Abuse Involves Resident-to-Resident Issues, Too

In a recent research study conducted in the United States with more than 2,000 nursing home residents, during a 1-month period, more than 400 of these individuals had been involved in at least 1 incidence of abuse involving another resident.

Although verbal assault made up 45% of these problematic cases, physical assaults also represented more than one-quarter of all incidents.

The behavior problems that frequently accompany cognitive issues like dementia can cause tension and problematic situations between residents.

Invasion of privacy was an additional concern that was raised in the study with more than 20% of incidents involving this issue.

What Does Nursing Home Abuse Look Like?

Nursing home abuse and neglect can, unfortunately, take many different forms. It might start off as something difficult to pinpoint.

You might think that your loved one is just having difficulty adjusting to a new environment. Perhaps you think that he or she is not comfortable sharing with you, but you just sense that something is wrong.

If you then identify that there are bruises or other signs of serious injury, however, you may have a nursing home abuse claim on your hands. Knowing what to do next can be important for protecting your loved one’s rights.

Why Does Nursing Home Abuse Happen?

All humans have the right to privacy, dignity, and respect. In an overcrowded nursing home with limited staff, however, that doesn’t always translate to fair treatment.

Some staff members might not even have the right training or ability to help residents with a broad range of problems.

If the staff members feel overworked or underpaid, your loved one may find themselves in a dangerous situation. Sadly, abuse or neglect on behalf of nursing home staff is all too common, but it’s often a silent epidemic.

Unless you know how to identify the signs of nursing home abuse, you may not even know it’s happening until it’s gone on for some time.

Regardless of when you discover it, you need to consult with a Florida nursing home abuse attorney about your rights.

Nursing home staff may not be trained with how to deal with abuse that happens between residents, as well. Many nursing homes in Florida and elsewhere are understaffed, putting a great deal of pressure on the people who are working there.

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