Florida State University Researchers Exploring Automated Vehicles and Potential Impact and Safety

The recent Tesla Model S crash involving a vehicle that failed to activate the braking system, ultimately killing a man in May, has raised many different questions about the safety and reliability of automated vehicle.

Automated Vehicles

Researchers at Florida State University have been attempting to predict how both mobility and safety could be positively impacted if automated vehicles became more broadly deployed on the roads today.

Automated vehicles aren’t something you can purchase just yet, although there are cars out there with automated components. That was the case for the Tesla Model S involved in the recent fatal crash.

Even though driver less vehicles will have a feature that allows drivers to take over if necessary, research studies show that not all members of the public are convinced that these cars are as safe as they purport to be.

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Research Study Explores Potential Impact

Florida State University’s graduate program in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning has students become active in a research project commissioned by a private planning organization or a government organization in order to test their research skills in the field.

This version of the study funded by the Florida Department of Transportation is called ‘Envisioning Florida’s Future: Transportation and Land Use in an Automated Vehicle World’.

The purpose of the study was to see how an automated vehicle world would influence how cities are built and how technology could help to minimize accidents.

Self-driving features inside cars like the Tesla autopilot design are primarily designed to be an assistant feature to help a driver who still has primary control over the vehicle.

In fact, the autopilot feature inside the Tesla is always reminding the driver to be prepared to take over at any time and keep his or her hands on the wheel.

However, more automated type technologies are being investigated and developed by car manufacturers with a goal of allowing a driver to only take over in an emergency situation.

The final report from the Florida State University research study outlined the risks as well as the benefits of having more automated cars on the road.

Automated vehicles should reduce the severity and frequency of traffic accidents since more than 90% of crashes are associated with human error.

Some of the ways that automated vehicles might change the landscape in cities include:

  • Narrowing of traffic lanes
  • Development of convenient drop off lanes near destinations
  • Eliminating some need for parking lots
  • Improving mobility for disadvantaged populations like disabled and aging adults
  • And more, like improving the safety of cyclists and pedestrians

Although the automated vehicle is not something readily available for consumers just yet, it’s certainly in the pipeline and government agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration definitely have encouraged companies in this space to continue development.

The costs of vehicle accidents on an annual basis is astronomical for the United States who is a leader compared to other high income countries when it comes to fatalities.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration, among others, have been investigating efforts and methods that could help to minimize the severe injuries, costs and fatalities associated with vehicle accidents inside the United States.

What to Do If You Have Already Been in an Accident

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