How Do I Prove My Landlord Had Negligent Security Practices?

As a renter, you should feel safe in your rental unit whether that be an apartment, townhome, or detached house. Landlords are required by Florida state law to provide a safe environment for all tenants and guests who may enter the property or housing complex. Most landlords and property managers understand the ramifications of a negligent security case, so they take every precaution possible to prevent an incident.

There are many cases, however, where negligent security practices can result in serious harm to tenants, guests, and the property itself. You may be able to hold your landlord responsible for an incident if any of the following negligent security practices are factors:

  • Poor, or a complete lack of, security plans and procedures
  • Disregard for tenant or guest complaints about security issues
  • Failure to complete background checks on employees, contractors, and tenants
  • Disregard or ignorance about crime conditions in the neighborhood
  • Failure to maintain security equipment including cameras and locks
  • A lack of sufficient lighting in parking lots, stairwells, and at the entrance of buildings
  • Failure to provide a level of security that is equivalent to other complexes in the area

While there are certainly other factors that can point to negligent security practices, this list is a great starting point to understand if you have a case regarding your landlord. You should feel safe coming and going from your rental unit, and if you are harmed due to your landlord’s negligent security, you deserve compensation for any injuries you sustain or property that is lost.

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