Safety Tips for 2019

When 2019 rolls in, you may be thinking about your health and financial goals. However, have you considered steps you can take to keep yourself and your household safe? The following are only a few simple tips for safety in the New Year.

Check for any vehicle recalls.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports when an auto manufacturer recalls a vehicle part due to defects or possible safety risks. You may not always hear about a recall, but you can enter your VIN on this website and double check to make sure you don’t need a repair.

Review pedestrian and bicycle safety with your kids.

Whether your children ride their bikes or walk to school each day or they simply play outside with friends, there is always a risk they may get hit by a car. Take the time to go over the safe way to cross a street, the meaning of traffic signals, how to use a bike lane, and more.

Check for household hazards.

Many accidents and injuries happen right inside your home. Take a few minutes to inspect every room for possible safety hazards. Are all of your electrical cords secured to the wall? Are there items that can cause slip and falls? Are your stairs and railings in good condition? Is your flooring too slippery? Are all rugs secured? These are only a few things to inspect.

Know what to do in case of an injury.

If an accident does occur, know what to do and who to contact. Call 911 if anyone needs emergency medical attention, or go to the ER as soon as possible. If an accident was another person’s fault, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your rights.

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