Common Halloween Accidents

Halloween is a fun time of year filled with spooky decorations, costumes, candy, parties, and more. Unfortunately, there are also serious dangers that come with Halloween, and many types of accidents can happen. The following are only some examples of Halloween-related incidents and injuries.

Pedestrian accidents – Halloween night brings out many trick or treaters walking along the streets. The increase in pedestrians also brings an increase in pedestrian accidents and injuries. Parents should always accompany kids and have flashlights or reflective costumes, as well as review pedestrian safety tips.

Drunk driving accidents – Halloween parties are fun for adults as well, and they usually involve having some alcoholic drinks with friends. Too many people decide to drive home after Halloween parties, which can lead to serious drunk driving crashes. 

Trip and falls – Kids often dress in costumes they are not used to wearing. Parents should make sure that costumes are not too long to avoid their kids tripping over the end of the costumes. Kids should also avoid masks that keep them from seeing hazards on the sidewalk. Homeowners should be sure to keep jack-o-lanterns and other decorations off of steps and out of walkways to avoid tripping. Finally, parents should ensure that kids do not have accessories, such as fake swords, that can hurt them if they do trip and fall. 

Assaults – Some people take the opportunity on Halloween to cause mayhem and commit crimes. This can include assaults and other harmful encounters. 

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