Drunk Drivers Can Ruin Your Holiday Season

We all want to have an enjoyable holiday season full of gifts, family, friends, and good food. Along with all of this often comes having a few drinks and relaxing with the ones we love. This fun situation, however, can change dramatically if someone decides to drive after drinking too much.

Drunk driving arrests spike over the winter holidays, though police officers cannot arrest every impaired driver before they cause accidents and injuries. This means that a drunk driving accident can happen to you over the holidays, and it is important to know your rights.

The Liability of Drunk Drivers

Drivers can be held liable for accidents and injuries when the accident occurred due to the driver’s negligence. Negligence involves breaching a duty of care, e.g., driving in a safe manner. When someone decides to drive while impaired, it certainly breaches their duty of care and constitutes negligence.

If you notice a driver might be intoxicated at the accident scene, do not confront them about it. You never know when a drunk individual will become combative and try to hurt you even more. Instead, call 911 and wait in a safe place. If you are instructed to take an ambulance ride, you should heed the advice of emergency medical technicians. If not, make sure you speak to the police officers about what happened.

The police will hopefully arrest the drunk driver, who can face criminal charges. A conviction serves as proof of negligence, so it means you only have to prove your damages to recover for your losses.

Learn about Your Rights from a Car Accident Lawyer in Boca Raton

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