The Dangers of Bus Crashes

People ride buses for many different reasons – for trips, to school, or for daily transportation. Buses are largely considered to be safe, but accidents can happen involving any type of motor vehicle. The problem is that when a crash occurs, bus accidents can be particularly dangerous for passengers.

Buses are unique vehicles. They are large commercial vehicles – like semi-trucks – but they are also made to transport people, not cargo. When a bus gets into an accident, there are particular dangers to everyone on board. Some risks include:

●     Rollovers – Because buses are tall vehicles with a narrow wheelbase, they are prone to rolling over if they are hit by another vehicle, if the driver takes a turn too fast, if a tire blows out, if the bus hits a curb or another object, and more.

●     Lack of seat belts – Most bus passengers do not buckle up, and many buses don’t even have seat belts available. When a bus collides with something or rolls over, passengers can go flying and sustain many traumatic injuries.

●     Size and weight – When a bus hits a smaller vehicle, it can cause severe damage due to the size and weight differential.

Bus accidents can happen due to driver error, poor maintenance, defective tires, and more. Who should be liable for the injuries of accident victims will depend on what – and who – caused the crash. Liable parties might include the bus driver, bus company, bus manufacturer, other drivers, and more.

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