Medical Neglect at Nursing Homes

One reason why many nursing home residents need full-time care is that they have special and ongoing medical needs. In addition, many nursing home residents are at a particularly high risk of contracting illnesses or suffering injuries due to their advanced age. When a nursing home fails to provide the necessary medical care and attention for residents, the residents can suffer unnecessary harm or even death, and nursing homes should be held fully accountable for neglect.

Types of Medical Neglect

Nursing homes should have adequate medical staff to attend to the ongoing and changing needs of their residents. There are many ways that medical neglect can occur, such as:

  • Not administering proper medication or administering the wrong medication
  • Not properly monitoring the vital signs of at-risk residents
  • Failing to respond to emergency situations involving residents
  • Not providing regular medical examinations to identify new health issues
  • Failing to treat injuries, such as fractured hips or contusions
  • Not treating bedsores

All of the above are unacceptable forms of nursing home neglect, which can all lead to severe and life-threatening conditions and complications.

Neglect during the COVID-19 Crisis

Medical neglect in nursing homes is an especially hot topic in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nursing homes are hotbeds for coronavirus transmission, and many facilities across the country are being accused of failing to take the necessary steps to protect residents. Many facilities are failing to:

  • Identify symptoms and diagnose residents
  • Properly isolate high-risk or infected residents
  • Treat residents in a timely manner

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