Risky Business: Driving in a Pandemic & Post-Pandemic World

U.S. traffic deaths are up despite the coronavirus pandemic. The results of a new study reveal that the number of people killed on the nation’s highways rose 4.6% in the first nine months of 2020 despite coronavirus lockdowns. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 28,190 people died in traffic crashes from January through September of last year, up from 26,941 in the same period of 2019. How did this happen during stay-at-home orders?

COVID-19 had a big impact on the way people drive. Drivers engaged more in risky behaviors – drug and alcohol use, speeding, and no seatbelt – while operating a motor vehicle during the coronavirus pandemic. These behaviors heightened the chance of fatalities in a crash.

The takeaway from the NHTSA’s report? Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, always wear seatbelts, avoid driving while drowsy, and obey the speed limit in order to stay safe. We ask everyone, including drivers and passengers, to take driving seriously and to encourage everyone they know to do the same. Driving requires responsibility and maturity at all times. One poor choice – speeding, distracted driving, careless or non-sober driving – can turn into a tragedy.

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