How the Technology in Your Vehicle Can Prove Liability

Your Car’s Black Box

Our personal injury law firm keeps our fingers on the pulse of advanced technologies since the latest innovations may help clients prove liability after a car crash.  Event Data Recorders (EDR) are an important technology tool present in most commercial and privately-owned vehicles.  This device can have a significant impact on personal injury litigation. 

Given that EDR captures large amounts of accurate data they are increasingly being used as evidence in car accident disputes.  EDR information can improve the strength of your case, especially where the other driver refuses to accept fault or lies about how the accident happened.  Even if the police don’t assign fault and nobody receives a ticket, you may still have a successful case. 

EDR is a form of accident reconstruction.  It is similar to an airplane’s black box:  Both piece together how a crash happened, and information that is obtained from the device can be collected and analyzed to determine what the vehicle was doing before, during, and after the crash.  The EDR takes a snapshot of an event to determine the most likely scenario on what caused the crash.  Attorneys may obtain data held in the recorder as part of the discovery phase of litigation. 

What Information Can EDR Collect?

Data pulled from EDRs may include the following, which can help piece together the sequence of events to explain why the crash occurred and assist attorneys in proving liability: 

  • Time and date of your accident
  • Speed at the time of the crash
  • Depth of accelerator pedal
  • Steering wheel direction
  • Seat position
  • Seatbelt usage 
  • Braking pattern
  • Throttle position
  • Warning lights
  • Airbag deployment status
  • Force of impact

These key data points can help shed light on the accident.  More often than not, no eyewitnesses to the accident come forward or recollections are unclear.  While parties may challenge the admission of the EDR into evidence if it was not in proper working condition at the time of the accident or the data is inconsistent with photos or measurements taken at the scene, EDRs often represent the most reliable and objective evidence in a case.  We work with qualified technicians to determine the reliability of the data recorded.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer to Help Establish EDR Evidence

Glotzer & Kobren, P.A. provides skillful representation for those individuals involved in car accidents, and our attorneys have substantial experience with EDR evidence.  We work with expert testimony concerning the calibration, results, and maintenance of the EDR system in vehicles.  Using this digital footprint to establish a timeline and accuracy of events, we can help accident victims determine who is liable.  

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