The Golden Rule: See a Doctor Immediately After an Accident

Seeking medical attention immediately following a car crash takes on particular importance due to Florida’s 14-Day Rule called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, also known as no-fault insurance. 

Regardless of fault, PIP insurance provides coverage for expenses due to an accident.  The 14-Day Rule requires that anyone injured in an automobile accident receive medical care within 14 days of a car accident to be able to access any PIP benefits.

Florida Statute 627.736 states that if you do not go to a doctor within two weeks of your accident, you cannot access the $10,000.00 of PIP coverage you have, even though you are already paying for it. Have questions about which medical providers qualify under the statute? Call us at 561-361-8677.  

If you are in a motor vehicle accident, go to a doctor even if you don’t believe you were injured or think that your injuries are minor. Seek care, especially since some injuries don’t show up for days, or even weeks, after an accident. 

“Our law firm recently had a new client call us 15 days after an auto accident, which means that they lost their right to PIP benefits,” Matthew Kobren explains. 

This is why we are sending a reminder: Failure to receive medical care within the first 14 days following a car crash may cause you to lose the right to compensation. 

Our attorneys are available to meet with you over the phone, by video conference, in our Boca Raton office, or we can come to you if you’re in the hospital. We take care of all paperwork electronically and ensure you meet all threshold requirements, even if you never need to file a lawsuit.  

Our personal injury law firm operates on a success-based fee arrangement, which means we’re owed nothing for counseling or representing you unless we earn you money.  Contact us at 561-361-8677 to discuss your claim.