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Injuries from bicycle accidents usually come from two things, namely negligence or intentional acts. They may occur in the most unexpected moments. Oftentimes, when a car driver hits a bicycle driver, the cause is attributable to his carelessness or lack of foresight of the former, and in situations like this you need the expertise of a bicycle accident lawyer Wellington. As cars have the right to be on the road, so do cyclists who find it more convenient to ride on their bikes.

Cyclists are prone to greater risks on the road and they must be equally accorded with safety and respect. Negligent acts causing bicycle accidents should not be considered lightly, and accident victims must be given the proper legal remedy and recourse to ensure that they are indemnified with damages in accordance with the law. This is where bicycle accident lawyer Wellington comes in to help you.

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Bicycle injuries can greatly vary on the events happening before, during and after the accident. Thus, it is only important that the victim is aware of his rights, including the status of his injuries, surroundings and the evidence on hand. The reason for this is because events in an accident scene can change fast and some necessary evidence can get lost instantly. Unfortunately, the accident victim may not always be in possession of his full senses to grasp what’s happening, or it could be that his loved ones acted too late. With Glotzer Law at your side, this can be prevented by consulting with a bicycle accident lawyer Wellington.

If you think your injury has caused you mental and physical anguish that deserve more than what that insurance company pays you, give us a call for a free consultation. Here at Glotzer Law, our team of bicycle accident lawyer Wellington is committed to pursuing careless drivers and to making sure that justice is served to our client. Our company is looking forward to winning your case.

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The team of bicycle accident lawyer Wellington we lead here at Glotzer Law is here to help and guide you every step of the way. Our lawyers are available to help bicycle accidents victims recover what they deserve after all the pain and hassle they went through. It does not matter what type of accident you are in, because we are here to support you and act on your behalf to fight for your legal rights.

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