Boating Accident Attorney Florida

Boating Accident Attorney Florida

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boating accident attorney floridaFlorida is a state committed to the water. From jet skiing, to surfing, to just enjoying a day sailing, residents are constantly out on the open sea. Since this dedication to the ocean means there are a lot of boats sharing the water and harbors, this unfortunately means an increase in boat accidents.

Boating accidents can cost millions in damages, especially considering the high monetary value of boats themselves. These costs do not even include the cost of emergency response, medical bills, lost wages, long-term medical treatment, disability or the loss of a life.

At Glotzer & Kobren, we are experienced boat accident attorneys. We can handle all of the various types of injuries that can occur out on the water, including:

  • Airboat Accidents
  • Jet Ski Accidents
  • Water Skiing Accidents
  • Canoe or Kayak Accidents
  • Boating Under the Influence Accidents
  • Harbor Accidents
  • Boat Maintenance or Defective Product Accidents

While there are some that occur in the canals, rivers and creeks, the majority of the boating accidents in Florida happen in harbors, sounds and bays. Most accidents occur during recreational use.

Alcohol often plays a role in these types of injuries, and operating a boat while under the influence is just as deadly as driving an automobile in that condition.

Some other causes of boating accidents include:

  • Inexperience (improper training, or someone who has no experience operating the boat)
  • Careless or inattentive operation (it is easy to become distracted on the water)
  • Speeding (especially in sports boats)
  • Failure to look out for water skiers, other boats and objects.

Unfortunately, most boating accidents occur at the end of the day or even at night, which can delay recovery and even make it difficult to find accident victims.

The number one cause of serious and fatal injuries in a boat accident is capsizing, which can occur due to improper loading of the vessel or even because of foul weather. Also, for speedboats, accidents may occur because of excessive speeds, causing a person to fall over the side of the boat.

Why You Need Experienced a Boat Accident Attorney in Florida

Boating accident cases require special knowledge of state and federal maritime laws and regulations. Pursuing a boat accident lawsuit is not the same a lawsuit for an injury that occurs on the road. Therefore, you need an experienced attorney who has previously handled boating accidents.

The pesonal injury attorney Boca Raton at Glotzer & Kobren has handled numerous boating accident cases throughout Florida. We have recovered compensation for our clients to cover injuries, surgeries, long-term medical care, spinal cord injuries, wrongful death and property damage.

We can also assist you in a claim against a commercial boat. Commercial boats share the water just like semi-trucks share the road, and your accident may be caused by the negligence of a commercially-owned boat or vessel.

Our attorneys will investigate the cause of your accident and see if the company cut corners, improperly maintained their vessel or if their boat operators were negligent.

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