Broken Bones : Arms, Legs & Hips

Broken Bones : Arms, Legs & Hips

Recovering Compensation for Broken Bones

Broken bones can be extremely painful, and if they don’t receive proper medical care, they can develop into lifelong, debilitating conditions. They can put individuals out of work for weeks at a time, and they may interfere with your ability to do your job in the future.

Broken Bones Injury Attorney
If you or a loved one suffered a broken bone as the result of a negligently caused accident, you deserve compensation. The lawyers at Glotzer & Kobren, P.A. in Boca Raton, Florida, can provide the experienced, aggressive and personalized service you’ll need to recover a fair settlement.

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If You Feel Pain After an Accident, See a Doctor Right Away

Sometimes people suffer injuries in accidents but don’t feel that the injuries are serious enough to require medical care. This is risky thinking. If you feel any pain emanating from any bone, you could potentially have a fracture. The only way to know is to go to the emergency room and have X–rays taken.

If a doctor doesn’t set the bone and put a cast or splint on it in time, it could heal improperly. In that case, either you will suffer permanent consequences or you will need to have surgery to re-break the bone in order to repair it fully.

Lost Wages, Medical Bills and Pain and Suffering

Make sure that the settlement you receive covers all aspects of your loss. It’s not only important to cover medical bills, it’s also important to calculate your lost wages because of missed work.

You may be able to recover compensation for any long term impairment or lost range of motion. In some cases, you may also be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering.

An attorney can help you make sure that your settlement is truly fair and truly adequate to compensate you for your injuries. To schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at Glotzer & Kobren, P.A., call 561-361-8677 or contact us online today.

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