Burn Injury Lawyer Delray Beach: How Bad Is Your Burn?

Determining how bad a burn is depends on how deeply your skin has been harmed. These are what are referred to as “degrees”. It can range from first-, second-, third-, or fourth-degree burn. The higher the degree, the more severe the burn is. Your Burn Injury Lawyer Delray Beach will help you receive the proper compensation you deserve from the burn injury you sustained.

  • First degree – These burns only affect the outer layer of your skin. Your skin may be red and painful, but you won’t have any blisters. Long-term damage is rare.
  • Second-degree – The outer layer of your skin as well the dermis – the layer underneath – has been damaged. Your skin will be bright red, swollen, and may look shiny and wet. You’ll see blisters, and the burn will hurt to the touch.
  • Third-degree – Also called a full thickness burn, this type of injury destroys two full layers of your skin. Instead of turning red, it may appear black, brown, white or yellow. It won’t hurt because this type of burn damages nerve endings.
  • Fourth-degree – This is the deepest and most severe of burns. They’re potentially life-threatening. These burns destroy all layers of your skin, as well as your bones, muscles, and tendons.

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