Coronavirus Lawyer Boca Raton: Great Addition To Your Pandemic Response

Employers are very busy creating the proper response to the pandemic. One way of making sure you are protected in the legal aspect is hiring a Coronavirus Lawyer Boca Raton. When you have the legal side taken cared of, you are pretty much protecting your business in all fronts. As an employer, here are other ways you can do to prepare your business:

  • Identifying a pandemic coordinator and/or team with defined roles and responsibilities for pandemic response planning.
  • Forecasting and allowing for employee absences during a pandemic due to things like personal illness, family member illness, community containment measures and quarantines, school closures, and public transportation restrictions.
  • Establishing policies for employee compensation and absences unique to a pandemic
  • Establishing and enhancing remote-access capabilities to support employee telework.
  • Ensuring that data and information that must be confidential is kept private while employees are teleworking by providing privacy screens or VPN services.
  • Establishing channels of communication (for example, email or text distribution lists, an intranet site or hotline) so that employees can receive timely updates and information.

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