Coronavirus Lawyer Delray Beach: Can Force Majeure Offer Relief To Your Situation?

Contractual performance is prevented or hindered by the current coronavirus pandemic. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you better talk to a Coronavirus Lawyer Delray Beach for guidance. But what constitutes a force majeure event in the first place?

  • Some contracts will use general wording such as “a supervening event, which is outside of the control of the affected party”.
  • Others will set out an exhaustive list of specific events, which may include strikes, storms, floods, etc.
  • A common hybrid is to include an illustrative list of events preceded or followed by general, sweeper wording such as “and any other event beyond the affected party’s control”.
  • Finally, the contract may simply refer to a “force majeure event”. As there is no general principle of force majeure in English law, what constitutes a force majeure event will be a matter of contractual interpretation.

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