Rear End Accident Lawyer Boca Raton: Seek Compensatory Damages

You can recover compensation for the injuries and damages you suffered after a rear end collision accident. With your Rear End Accident Lawyer Boca Raton, you can file for a personal injury lawsuit and seek the following compensatory damages after the accident:

  • Medical bills – Someone who wrongfully causes an accident or injury is responsible for the injured party’s medical bills. These bills can be paid directly by the person or company responsible or by the liable party’s insurer.
  • Lost wages – These refer to the amounts the plaintiff would have earned in the past if not for the defendant’s wrongful acts. In labor law cases, these are sometimes referred to as back pay or back wages.
  • Lost earnings – The allows a plaintiff to recover damages for “lost earning capacity” in a personal injury case. This compensates the plaintiff for work-related income that is reasonably certain to be lost in the future as the result of an accident or other wrongful act.

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