Determining Whether You Have A Swimming Pool Accident Claim

There are people who are unaware about what to do next after a pool accident. If you are still wondering if you have a swimming pool accident claim, then these following questions can help you with that:

  • Did you or your loved get involved in an accident, drowning or near-drowning occur at a private or public swimming pool?
  • Did the happening result in a personal injury?
  • Did the incident result in a wrongful death?
  • Was this happening at a public or private pool that you were visiting as a guest?
  • Did you incur in medical or funeral expenses as a result of this accident?
  • Did your own act or acts contribute to the accident?
  • Were there enough safety measures provided by the pool owner?
  • Is there a lifeguard on watch when the accident took place?
  • Are there fences in the pool premises?

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