Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer Wellington: Tips to Avoid Pool Accidents

Swimming pool owners are held accountable for accidents that occur on their pool premises. For instance, if a pool is left uncovered at someone’s house, public pool, or hotel, it opens up the danger to children in the area. Pool owners are responsible for affording reasonable and effective protection to property features that can be considered nuisances. Here at Glotzer Law, our swimming pool accident lawyer Wellington has what it takes to help you. Below are tips to avoid pool accidents and injuries:

  • Never leave a child without supervision
  • Have someone with you when swimming
  • Educate children on how to swim
  • Put up sufficient fences to limit access to swimming pools.
  • Check the pool area first if a child is missing
  • Place rescue equipment near the pool.
  • Don’t place toys in the pool area when it is not in use

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