Personal Injury Testimonials

Personal Injury Testimonials

Joanne Hayes
One would have thought this case was an open and closed case but it turned out to be a tough one and we were so thankful for our attorney, Nicole. She fought hard for us and kept us updated at every turn. Her perseverance paid off.
Joseph Elia
Excellent people!!!! Nicole Miller and her team in specific handled my case, it was my first time ever needing a lawyer and they made it extremely easy. I got an honest and realistic experience that I would honestly reccomend to anyone needing legal help! Thanks again!!! (It sounds corny but this firm is the real deal) 🙂
Karen Bombace
I would like to highly recommend Bruce Glotzer.
As I was severely hurt in a car accident, Bruce was very clear upfront about what the outcome of my case may be. Being fast, efficient and with thorough communication, he did his best to see and find ways that I receive the most money for my injuries. With his experience, integrity ,and personable manner, I knew I was in good hands, and I am very thankful he handled my case.
Lisa Horn
I was in a near fatal car accident. I was referred to Bruce through my doctors because they know me. I was looking for an attorney who would would always be able to answer my questions, put things into layman’s terms, and have patience with me. It was a horrific accident. His communication was outstanding. His compassion and care with my case was exceptional. Thank you for helping me through this difficult experience and getting results. I highly recommend Glotzer & Kobren P.A.!


Maureen Schechtman
This firm is the best! In September, my dad was hit by a car. I live in Chicago and didn’t know who I could trust with a very complicated situation. Another attorney referred me to Bruce. When I got to Florida, we met to discuss the situation. We needed to settle our lawsuit quickly, my dad was eighty eight years old, badly injured, and had other medical issues. Bruce was ALWAYS available when we needed him. He came to the hospital to talk with my dad because I asked him to. He came to the nursing home to talk to my dad and I. He provided a lot of moral support and was compassionate about a devastating situation for our family. He also managed to get a maximum settlement from our insurance in just SEVEN WEEKS. I don’t think anyone else could have managed this. He is a true professional. The people in his office were as nice as he was. It was a blessing to have this firm helping us. He delivered what he promised and more! Thank you again.

Wendy Phillips
Nicole is amazing. I had a super complicated issue and she helped by giving me truthful and completely realistic advice. It was a breathe of fresh air to know all sides of the issue. My case was handled with care and most importantly I felt informed throughout all stages. Glotzer & Kobren staff is very helpful and sweet. Nicole’s communication is great. She let me know every move and every time something changed for the good and otherwise. I want to thank EVERYONE at Glotzer & Kobren but especially Nicole Miller for all of her help with my case you are amazing!!! I completely recommend her!!!

Patricia Valverde
I highly recommended Glotzer & Kobren office, time ago I have a consultation with Bruce G. he was very honest and super clear. Matthew K. helped me more than once and he is great, always answer phone or email, he is super nice and patient. And the sweet lady who is the receptionist is great too, answer clear, never in a rush I think is a great crew!!

Bettina Smith
I Love this law firm! I am not sure if I am going to win my personal injury case but the fact that Matt and Jayne have busted their butts in regards to my case is enough for me to leave a 5-star rating before knowing what the outcome is. If I could give you 10, I would. They keep in contact with you throughout your case, they have a genuine concern for your well being and your circumstances relating to the case as well. It’s not just about winning that makes me leave this review, I appreciate you all and your compassion. Right straight down to the receptionist who answers the telephone. I could not have asked for a better representative for my case. Glotzer and Kobren, I will definitely spread the word about your team and yes, I will still leave the same type of review after the outcome of my case. I love you guys and I truly felt like family when dealing with your team. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate you guys. Regardless of the outcome, I know you fought hard and I appreciate you all!

Fernanda Sousa
I highly recommend Glotzer and Kobren P.A. Bruce Glotzer took care of my case and he was perfect. With very clear communication, he explained all the details about my case, and helped to put all the documents and proof I needed together in order to get as much as he could . He’s very knowledgeable will fight for you. I was amazed when my case was settled cuz I wasn’t expecting to be that much and that fast. I’m very happy

Naeem Walker
This is the only office I would recommend for personal injury. Bruce Glotzer is an absolute professional. He’s a wizard. He knows all his stuff and will fight hard for you. Honestly I don’t know what I would’ve done without him

Grant Glory
I highly recommend Glotzer & Kobren, PA. for both their professionalism and attention to detail from beginning to end. They have a great support staff who keep us updated at all times and they are always available to answer our questions to the fullest. These gentlemen are the best and they get results.

Bruno G.
Bruce Glotzer is the best Personal Injury Attorney. He is very professional and communicative. He was very honest with my situation and guided me throughout the entire process. If I ever find myself in need of a personal injury attorney Bruce Glotzer will be my first call. I would recommend him to anyone.

Anthony M.
Bruce was open honest and very matter of fact. He told me what I needed to know not what I wanted to hear. When it was all said and done Bruce was able to get me the most out of my case. He was also excellent at negotiating the Dr bills to a more reasonable number. He always had my best interest with every decision made. I would recommend Glotzer & Kobeem to anyone in need of a good Lawer for an accident case.

Michael Canales
Bruce Glotzer is the best Personal Injury Attorney I have interacted with. He is very business oriented and knows what he is doing. He is upfront about the case and does a great job explaining to you the reality of your situation. He is there for any questions or advice along the way! In the future if I ever find myself needing a Personal Injury Attorney, Bruce will be my first phone call!

Tina Adkins
Bruce did an awesome job! His is awesome an great help. Thank you!

Erin Gill
Bruce was very professional and helpful throughout my case. He fought for me and definitely delivered. I was able to focus on my recovery and getting back to work without the stress of worry about my case and getting my medical bills covered. I highly recommend him. Thank you Bruce!!

Sonia Casorla
Bruce Glotzer is an incredible asset when one is challenged with serious injuries that can be life altering. He has assisted me twice when life’s circumstances have gone awry. Each case was handled with not only a keen sense of attention, but empathy. Mr. Glotzer and his firm provided me a great sense of reassurance throughout the process.

Kevin Gelin
Great firm, professional, detail oriented and never over promises. Highly recommended.

Carly Gleicher
Bruce Glotzer is the best attorney. He is helpful during the process. Keeps you updated on your case & finishing with the best outcome you deserve. I would recommend him to anyone who asks.

Jane Moss
After getting in a car accident I had no idea how to handle everything from a legal stand point. Then I contacted Car Accident Lawyers Glotzer & Kobren, P.A. Everyone in the firm was genuine, dedicated and passionate about my case. I always just a phone call away when I had a question, or just needed to talk them. Thanks a lot to a great legal team!

Andrea Thompson
The team at Glotzer & Kobren are wonderful! Finding people that you can trust is almost impossible today. These men are highly ethical, highly experienced, and very professional. They kept fighting for me when I know others would have given up. I cannot recommend a better team!!!! They are a class act.

Marlosy Ray
Recently I was in a car accident. I needed a personal injury attorney and Glotzer and Kobren came highly recommended. After meeting with them and a couple other firms, I knew I made the right choice in being represented by Bruce Glotzer. They are highly professional and responsive, but most important they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Thanks Bruce.

Hal Samuelson
People here are professional and very caring. They took my case personally and lead partner spent a lot of time with me following through. Such a different and better experience than when I initially called one of these factory style law firms from a radio commercial…I thought from radio commercial they would be good but it just seemed to be a bunch of telemarketers. So Glotzer law was the right choice to make with all the attention and care given to me! Highly recommend

Chris Woodruff
The team at Glotzer & Kobren are fantastic. They were instrumental in resolving my case after an accident. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney for any legal needs.

Michael Stein
I am very happy to have met Bruce Glotzer. I have known many attorneys in my life but can honestly say that when you deal with Mr. Glotzer you get 100% of his attention which is very rare as most of the time you have to deal with secretaries and paralegals. I strongly recommend Mr. Glotzer and his firm.

Jennifer Boyce
I know that I have an attorney that cares, I’m not just another client. I can always count on a prompt response to my needs and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.