Consider Hiring A Workers Compensation Lawyer Delray Beach

Here are common reasons why you may need to hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer Delray Beach to assist you with your worker’s compensation claim.

  • Your claim is denied by the insurance company – Claims can be denied by an insurance company for a variety of different reasons. Getting a workers’ compensation lawyer may be necessary to find out why the claim has been denied and if this denial is legitimate or if it can be overturned at a hearing.
  • You are offered a settlement – You will find that it is best to have a lawyer to valuate your case and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get a fair settlement.
  • You can’t work at all because of your injury – PTD benefits are lifetime weekly payments that can be paid by the workers’ compensation insurance company for your loss of income.  You will absolutely need an experienced lawyer to ensure that the medical documentation you have is sufficient to qualify for these benefits and that you are applying for these benefits within the proper time-period.

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